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Tenerife 2002

Well, despite the problem of having our accommodation change the day before we flew, Tenerife was an experience that will never be matched. 11 girls, 2 apartments, 2 swimming pools, 6 bars and 2 Beligians. It was something that will never be repeated. As soon as we walked into the room 7 of us shared we almost cried it was that beautiful. We had a spiral staircase and our own sun terrace!!! Yes, it doesn't take much to amuse us. The view was absolutly gorgeous and the sea was an amazing blue. Many nights and days of drinking followed. We turned almsot nocturnal: going out at 10 and crawling in at 5ish. Several mornings we woke up to find random men that Stevie had picked up in our apartment. Anyway, here's a brief account of what we got up to and extracts from the book we kept while we were there.

The view of Los Gigantes cliffs from our apartment. We actually stayed in Puerto de Santiago, just up hte road. Thankfully, as we found out on the first night, this was the town with the better nightlife :-) A shot for a Spaniard is the classic: pint of vodka, drop of coke that we crave here. So you can imagine the fun we had most nights!


"Dear Diary, My name is Catherine and I am in Tenerife woohoo!! My emotions now are undescribable and I may cry!! But I won't! I TALK SHIT SOZ"

- Cat -x-

No, Catherine had not taken advantage of above alcohol measures. She had very painful sunburn, as did we all by Saturday night. She was lying on the floor to keep it cool. Bless her. The heatwave also hit Tenerife so we were stewing in heats over 40 odd degrees. However some people were taking advantage of the cheap alcohol, as Sarah L demonstrates in an:


"hey hey girlies

this would be me, miss Saz Lawson!! OMG ALOHOL is evil hehe, we just should NOT except free shots from bar tenders with chillies in. Who the feck are these blokes man shit its like 3:45am, I feel welllllll monkey"

- Sarah L

Sarah was nicknamed 'The Lesbian' after she harrassed both Kate and Amy on numerous occassions. There's even video footage! hehehehe. This was everyone dancing around our apartment before we went out for the night.


"getting extremely merry now, on spirits on a balcony listening to

don't want no short dick man

but i can still hear my drink calling me over the tunes!"

- Charlene

the 'Topless Babes' perform the party classic "I Wanna Dance With Somebody". Thankfully they were handing out earplugs! lol


"Its 4 in the morning on the 2nd day, and I seriously have the munchies!!! Also, myself and Charlie are the unofficial queens of Kareoke!!!! Can you believe it! hehe y/day I was so hammered, again performing kareoke, and 2nite I met random Belgians - Bart who's 16 and FIT AS and Tom, 19, who's just cool!

- Amanda

Amy and Stevie getting their groove on in the club with the dodgy Spanish geezers. Charlie and Sharon wrote a poem in the early hours of Monday in their drunken state:

QUEEEEERRRROOOO! the famous words

We're in Tenerife and we're pissed as fuck!
but sadly we are running out of buck
we met some guys and they are so queer
because they like men entering their rear!
they love the taste of male cum
especially running down someones bum!
someone threw a random potatoe at our head
so we thought it was time we went to bed
we're sitting here writing this poem to you
while Bart's in the toilet going for a fat pooh!
the girls are at kareoke singing in the mike
while everyones shoulting "go take a hike"
Amanda's sleeping on the bed
she is so fucked she's out her head
Clair's snoring and keeping us up
I really think she needs a hard fuck
Lorna's a lobster she is so pink
I really think she shold have another drink
last night in the club we met a guy called Wanko
and it turned out the guy was QUUEEERROOOO!!!

Clair came to realise, in fact, we all came to realise that she had a strange fetish for walking around topless and with other people's underwear on her head...

Us all dressed up before venturing into Playa de las Americas for a night out. The 1h 30min bus drive was interesting, with various Spanish guys wanting to sit on Charlie's lap. The night was more interesting with alcohol getting the better of some of us which led to much crying and shouting and arguing. Thankfully we didn't really give a shit and, depsite the problems, we still had a fun night out. It also made us realise how glad we were that our apartment was no longer here, where it was supposed to have been. The seediness was laright for one night, but I odn't think we could have coped with it for a whole week!

See photo page for more pics